G+ idea : Tags VS Albums for photos?

I have been thinking about it for a few months, either when looking to share photos or looking at photo albums :
I would love the "Photos" section of profiles to work by tags rather than albums.

You can check my (modest) mockup below or… keep on reading :))

Before I go further, I know this might be a power user issue (at least when it comes to sharing), but I really do feel like discovery could be more interesting for anyone!

So, here is how I think about it:

Photo – Home:
Everything should work based on this page, and immersive discovery would be total straight away.

Instead of view a list of albums with "small" thumbnails, all photos are displayed just like within the current layout for albums.

To browse through photos, people do not scroll, they simply filter by tags, which were chosen by the profile owner.
And for better discovery, users can sort photos by recency or popularity

Today: If I take photos in Spain, I might just create one album "Spain". Then, I will share this album, and I'm happy. But… as a power user / photographer, I will have different subjects… landscapes, portraits, etc. So how do I share these subjects specifically? I cannot, and my viewers cannot find them easily
How I'd love it to be: Well, you have guessed it, I add specific tags, Spain, Landscape, Portrait, etc, and I choose to share an album regrouping "Spain AND Landscape" or just "Portrait", which would includes portraits taken… in Spain, but also previous ones.

I would love to get your feedback on this idea, which I already talked about rapidly in a hangout with +Brian Rose.

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