Following my contribution to #sacredsunday last week (,…

Following my contribution to #sacredsunday last week (, I chose to keep on posting photos from Sri Lanka.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough material from Dambulla to make a series out of it (as asked by +Bill Wood), so I went with a different approach with another religion.

It is an interesting fact about Sri Lanka that not only Buddhism is respected (69% of the population is buddhist), but 3 other major religions are equally important:
Hinduism – 7,8%
Islam – 7,6%
Christianity – 6,2%

Here is an example with a church called St Sebastian, in Negombo, a fisherman's town not too far from Colombo.

#sacredsunday #sacredartsunday curated by +Charles Lupica, +Manfred Berndtgen, +Bill Wood.

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