One quick photo for #foodfriday !

On our final day in Thailand's islands, we came back to Samui and visited a traditional/touristic place: "Fishermen village".

Here you can find pretty much anything from cloths to cosmetics to wood carvings… but also a lot of food :).

We gave a try to a few things, but did not find the courage to try the (lovely) fried cockroaches.

So, you will find below (clockwise, starting from top left hand corner):
– Fried potato on a stick (we picked "salt" as a topping… but you could choose from 20+, from pizza to cheese to onion)
– Chicken (and pork) BBQ
– Pork ribs
– Shrimp nuggets
– Chicken nuggets
– Chicken roll

Oh, and dessert was a pancake. Funny to see them cook the pancakes from a solid batter (a 3x5x1 cm block, stretched and played with like a pizza base).

Not the most artistic photo ever, but it's funny to see this mix, all available in the same market for less than 6 euros.

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  1. There were small insects, and bigger ones, that looked a lot like cockroaches. Unfortunately, their was a "no photo please" sign, so I did not shoot them.

    I had never heard of the term 'giant waterbug', but it looks like they are also called "american cockroaches" ;), and after a quick image search, it might have been some water bugs indeed!

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