OK, so THIS is a must have

Photos are meant to be the star in my stream, and now, thanks to +Cem İnceçınar, this can happen again.
It fixes at "issue" with the #blackspace around portrait/square oriented photos on #newgoogleplus , giving their back their maximum width in the stream.


Reshared post from +Cem İnceçınar

This chrome extension i just wrote is removes the height limit of the images on google+ stream. Also eliminate the #blackspace around the images. +Vic Gundotra should see this, also #whitespace stream people who have some design complaints. The result is really sweet. Im sure everyone related #photography will like this.

+Alex Leonard and +Alan Shapiro probably love that. Open the ideas for make it better. Please rate and share if you like it.

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Removes the height limit of images in google+ stream.

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