One of G+'s most massive promotion tools has just launched

Why would I think that?
Google+ Hangouts On Air enables anyone to broadcast just about anything… wherever they want.

By using a standard YouTube player, Google+ gets embedded right about anywhere on the web, without asking viewers to "log-in".

So… if people don't need to log-in, it's a bad thing for G+, right?

Well… not exactly, I don't believe that forcing anything on users is ever good (see how all the journals/magazines/video-sites links now push you right towards applications on Facebook? Bahhhh that's bad), and G+ Hangouts On Air will simply… invite you to log-in.

Anyone will get to "watch", but only a selected few will have the "chance" to participate actively.

Want to be a spectator ? Cool, stay on facebook and watch.
But… some day, after a few hangouts, you might just think to yourself: "Heh, what if I could hop-in during this hangout by this great guy that I would love to discuss with".

And tadam, you have just been hovered in the G+sphere.

Yes, I'm posting this on g+ so it's pretty pointless to convince you, but at least I can only hope you will get the point I'm trying to make :).

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