Google+ Local: Good start but… needs MORE

I am sure Googlers are already working on improvements after this #googleplusupdate , but it is worth noting that even though integration is good, this is not perfect.

1/ Ergonomics?
I have a problem with the search field:
How can this search field change between two sections in G+ when it obviously is on top of these sections, in its very container?
When you click on local, the search field splits into two and you can then search for a place…
Well, that's not very logical and should not be happening: Either this field is in the main area, at the top of the Local section, or search should be adapted for it across the whole G+ experience

2/ Sharing?
I know it might seem strange, but considering the broader "targets" you communicate with on G+, I've always been kind of struggling with the options offered to you, and this is becoming increasingly important with updates such as G+ Local:
Why would I be limited to my circles? Can't automatic groups be generated offering more options than just "public"?
I've always been thinking of a way to address my french-speaking followers without bothering the rest of you guys. I could of course put every French-speaking person I follow in a circle but… more than the inconvenience of doing this one by one, it would only help me target people I circle, not people following me!

Why is this more important with local? Well I know everyone is a global citizen nowadays, but… we should have an option to share with people speaking our language. Nope, I don't write reviews for a restaurant in COURBEVOIE (Paris suburb) in English.
Better even would be a simple option to share with "nearby" users, making a post available to… people within say… 50kms.

I'm sure there are a lot of other improvements but… having lost my smartphone, I have no way of checking the mobile version, which obviously is the most important part of g+ local.

What do you think of the update?

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