McDonald's: In-store VS photoshoot

No matter what we think of McDonald's, fast-food in general and the quality of the food, this short video is quite interesting.
Full of transparency, it shows us how burgers are shot and… "why" they don't look anything like what you order.

Alright, they don't have the guts to leave comments open on YouTube but heh… it's a step, right?

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4 réflexions au sujet de « McDonald's: In-store VS photoshoot »

  1. Thanks for the comments.
    +Marc Blackwell I think there is a bit of a difference. A "model" as a make-up artist whenever she is at work. Here, they only bother to use the make-up artist for communication, not for the consumer per se. And I do not think people actually complain more about the fact that Burgers look good on photos but rather that they look pretty terrible when served.
    But apart from that, I do agree, it is "normal" that products don't look exactly the same when served VS when advertised.

  2. I agree +Clement Biger – I've eaten burgers at other restaurants that look as good as they taste (that being pretty damn good)… this is the epidemic that is fast food, however, it's fast. It's like drawing a 1 minute sketch with crayons verses an hour long painting with oils. 

    I think it was bold for +McDonald's to participate in this kind of campaign but … I still don't eat at McDonalds … often.

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