#project52   #2012project52    [26/52 – Water]

#project52   #2012project52    [26/52 – Water]

I thought I could never be that behind in this project, and I hate it!
But oh well, it only means that my life is quite busy at the moment (not that it should stop me from taking my camera out a bit!)

So here I am, three weeks late, with this "Water" theme.

Let me introduce you to : "Optimist VS Pessimist : Just drink it"
From the day I read the theme I knew I wanted to bring it down that road, but never took the time to do so!

Water is theme for week 26… which means we are half way through the year, and our glass is being filled/emptied as time flies.

This year, I feel like mine is being filled, and this shoot illustrates so as well, as it was shot on the balcony at my new appartment.
2012 : New job, new flat, I sure don't see the glass, I just drink the water :).

Of course, this is for +Project52-2012 curated by +Giuseppe Basile +Kate Church moderated by +Greg Berdan +LaDonna Pride +Sue Butler     
But also for #glassworldtuesday  by +Jana Smith.

Have a great week… but I'll be back catching up with the missing weeks.

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