#project52   #2012project52   [28/52 – My Hometown]

#project52   #2012project52   [28/52 – My Hometown]

Britton Tuscany

Born in Brest, a port on the northern atlantic coast of France, I was raised in Rennes, therefore living in Brittany, this nice and sunny region of France, from the day I was born till I graduated from high school.

I was lucky enough to spend the week-end at my parents' this week-end, and I was even luckier to find some sun hiding there :).

This shot is from Rennes' most famous park downtown, the "Thabor", with – among many other areas – this lovely rose garden.

What you see in the background is my former middle (and high) school, Saint Vincent, which always seemed to me like an old Tuscan Penintenciary (in Italy)!
Today's weather kind of reinforced this feeling!

Of course, this is for +Project52-2012  curated by +Giuseppe Basile +Kate Church moderated by +Greg Berdan +LaDonna Pride +Sue Butler.       
But also for #sacredsunday  +SacredSunday™ by +Manfred Berndtgen +Robyn Morrison +Margaret Tompkins +Sherrie von Sternberg

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