New photowalk in Paris this thursday night

I might not make it but… there will be a special/international guest: +Scott Jarvie.

Scott is coming straight from Utah and… well he's kind of looking for a place to stay at for a couple nights (his first reason for coming to France being a wedding he's shooting on saturday).
So, if you can host him, would be great!

Else… why not have another photowalk on wednesday? +Photowalk Paris what do you think? 🙂

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Il y a bien longtemps qu'on ne vous a pas vus à une sortie photo et il est temps de changer ça. Rendez-vous est donc donné devant la gare Montparnasse à 19h30 le jeudi 23 août, pour une petite balade en soirée suivie d'un pique-nique. Pensez à apporter à boire et à manger.

It's been a long time since we've last seen you at a photowalk and it's time to change that. So, let's meet in front of Montparnasse station at 7:30pm on Thursday, August 23 for a short evening photowalk followed by a picnic. Don't forget to bring something to drink and eat.

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  1. Oh and by the way, I'm perfectly ok for a photowalk on Wednesday. You planning something for us?

    +Scott Jarvie, are you actually looking for a place to crash? I could arrange something, at least if you're not looking for a very comfy place.

  2. My work schedule kind of kills my flexibility in the evening, hence my absence for the past night photowalks and… well, I could do one in Saint Cloud / Suresnes, but in the evening, I doubt many people would be up for it :/ (see St Denis in the daytime :D).

  3. I'm already in Suresnes every day Clement 😉 But I usually leave work early, around 5pm typically.

    Well, my place is small and you'd have to get up pretty early (6am on most days) but if that's fine with you you're welcome here, Scott. And I'll try and see if I can find something more comfortable.

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