Interesting philantropy

Well, I assume +Sergey Brin intends on getting his investment back. But still…
It kind of makes me think of micro-credit for the riches :). I for one have lended $25 through +Kiva to a female entrepreneur in El Salvador. Still far from the whole buying properties to rent them below market value ;).
Great job mister Brin!

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As a cofounder of Google, +Sergey Brin  has already done lots of very good things for the world on a macro scale.

He's given us a great technology that makes the Internet usable, created a company that provides jobs for tens of thousands of people, and donated millions to various charities. He's investing in genetic cures for diseases and space exploration, too.

With it, Brin is buying up downtown property in the small Silicon Valley town he lives in, and is renting it out at below market rates to stores he thinks families in the community need: a children's bookstore, a children's playspace, and a child-friendly coffee shop.

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Sergey Brin Is Secretly Buying Up Property And Charging Below Market Rent
A completely unprovoked act of warmth.

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