#project52   #2012project52  [36/52 – Metal]

#project52   #2012project52  [36/52 – Metal]

Second week in Reunion starting this morning!

Yet again, a SOOC shot, taken on the east coast of Reunion Island, between Sainte Anne and Sainte Rose.
This is an old suspended bridge, which was used till 1979.
Built between 1862 and 1894, it was then the longest suspended bridge in the world!
It is now a pedastrian only bridge, mostly used by tourists (and lovers), engraving their names in the bridge's structure.

Of course, this is for +Project52-2012 curated by +Giuseppe Basile +Kate Church moderated by +Greg Berdan +LaDonna Pride +Sue Butler.
And #metallicmonday  curated by +Thomas Raschbacher 

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