Google just turned 14: Happy Birthday

(Don't know why, but I felt like writing a bit tonight :), a bit on this birthday, on self-driving cars, Google's vision and future, hoping to not bore you all :))

As you can see, the post I'm sharing has nothing to do with this birthday… yet in some way I believe it strongly does.
See, when Governor Brown (CA) signed this new law on Autonomous Vehicles, +Sergey Brin made quite an announcement: Within the next five years, YOU and ME will be able to experience self-driving cars, just like you can buy an hybrid vehicle today (maybe just a wild guess from Sergey and there is still a lot to do, but still…).

So… this means that by the time Google turns 19, "it" will have a global driver's licence. Most "kids" in France get their licence around the same age (18 is the legal age here).

And all of this can be linked back to Google's foundations, and some of their key competitive advantage, based on a focused – yet oh so broad – mission, repeated in this 26 minute video: "We want to use and create technology to dramatically improve the world".
Yeah, nothing more than that :).

It's funny how this commitment, and this focus can be echoed in the news around iOS6 and Maps:
Google has invested heaps of time and money to create this gigantic mapping data and interface, crawling around the globe to make it easier for everyone to navigate around the world (just like search improved navigation online).
Apple comes in and tries to replicate it, but fails, lacking hundreds of thousands of work hours on this tremendous project that is mapping the whole globe.
Google then takes this whole technology and – I assume – uses a big part of it to build a system for self driving cars.

Everyone talks about Google+ and how this network is a ghost town, and no matter how much we insist that it's just Google evolving to something more social, they just don't see it. Well, they'd rather focus on Google X, because with products like Google Cars and Google Glasses bringing all this knowledge gained from all of Google's projects through the years, I reckon Google is already on the right track for a good decade+. Oh, and by then, if some company tries to replicate something like the Google car initiative (I mean, not partnering with Google (which, by the way, could become as important for Google in revenues as the old Microsoft-IBM model) but trying to build it all from scratch), it will be a whole lot harder to nail than a "simple" maps project.

Again, happy birthday +Google, can't wait till you are 19.

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Really excited about what happened yesterday.  California Governor Jerry Brown came to Google to sign a new law about self driving cars.  Hopefully more states will follow soon.  It’s great to see politicians standing up for legislative reforms that allow greater innovation — especially Alex Padilla, the author of this bill.  

Sergey and I founded Google because we’re super optimisitc about the potential for technology to make the world a better place.  Think about how many people are underserved by transportation today, like those with disabilities, and how self driving cars will transform their lives.   Or the wasted time you sit in your car every day commuting to and from work.  Or the deaths and injuries that could be avoided.  It’s great to think that when young kids start driving the cars they're in will be guiding them safely on their journey.

You can see Sergey talking about all this here at 6:30 into the video:
CA Governor Brown Signs SB1298 (Autonomous Vehicles)

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  1. Yeah it seems like Google's on a roll, and is already way to far ahead of everyone.
    Hopefully they don't mess something up (sued or privacy maybe), that's the only way I can see them losing pace.

  2. Thanks for the comment David. I now know who reads me when I post something @ 1:19 local time : Morning kiwis.
    And yes, they are reaching a point where monopoly suing and privacy issues might become more regular…

  3. Well don't expect me to always see them at that time 🙂
    Yeah it was 11:30am for me so I was in a lecture where the content was quite easy, and I could do other things while listening.

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